Blue Damsel Glass

Lori Ann creates beautiful beads using the centuries-old craft of lampworking, the process of melting and shaping glass with a torch. Repurposing discarded bottle glass and metals whenever possible, each piece is crafted with a unique artistic touch.

Beads are available for purchase individually, as a set, or fashioned into a one-of-a-kind necklace, earring pair, or bracelet.

Items for purchase are available at our Blue Damsel Glass Etsy store. We handle custom designs as well. Contact Lori with what you have in mind, whether it's for a wedding, party, quinceaƱera, special event, or just because.

Some of Lori Ann's recent work
from the Bead Gallery

2013-07-28 lori making glass beads - flower-68-CU-cropped.png
2013-07-28 lori making glass beads - flower-41-CU-cropped.png
2013-08-08 practice bead shoot-30-sm.jpg
2013-08-08 practice bead shoot-36-sm.jpg
2013-08-08 practice bead shoot-32-sm.jpg